Company Overview

Our Mission

Madison College provides open access to quality higher education that fosters lifelong learning and success within our communities.

Our Vision

To be the leader in accessible affordable education that meets the evolving needs of our diverse communities.


  • Excellence
  • Respect
  • Commitment to students and diverse communities
  • Making higher education available to all

Madison College achieves its mission by following the values of excellence, respect, commitment to diverse communities and creating access to higher education for all. Employees of the college are engaged in the community, connected to employers and focused on growth and development. Our institution has been creating opportunity in the Madison area for more than 100 years.

Diversity at Madison College

Diversity is a personal and collective commitment to equity, inclusion and respect for all within the College and the community. Madison College cultivates and sustains an environment that recognizes the richness in human differences so that cultural awareness, sensitivity, integrity and justice flourish. WE FIRMLY BELIEVE:
  • That education is a right
  • That every student has the potential to succeed
  • That we must as educators nurture that potential
  • That we must act against racist systems as these hurt us all

A Safe Space for All
Madison College is committed to providing a safe space for all students, employees and staff. In order to create a safe space, MATC provides the following:
  • An environment that is secure, accessible and comfortable for students and employees of all cultures
  • Consistent cultural competency training for staff
  • A global and multicultural center that provides a safe space that nurtures learning and encourages exploration of issues of race, ethnicity, culture and globalization
  • Physical spaces that meet the needs of all students and staff
  • A college-wide commitment to provide a safe, accessible and healthy campus

Community and technical colleges were founded with the principle of equity in mind, providing universal access to education for all and improving their lives as our communities evolve with the forces of immigration, we too must evolve to meet the needs of students learning English. As students attending the College identify along a gender spectrum rather than a binary choice, we too must adapt how we collect demographic data. We recognize we have work to do to transform into a truly equitable institution free of intolerance and racism, where educational outcomes are equal among all identities and cultures, and where the potential of all employees is recognized and nurtured. Madison College is a great place to work and has been for more than 100 years. Voted One of the Best Companies to Work For by InBusiness Magazine year after year, we offer enriching job opportunities throughout the college in education, administration, facilities, and other areas.
Company Summary
Madison Area Technical College
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